Be a leader in your community

  • Set an example by minimizing plastic use with our environmentally friendly wraps
  • Model awareness of eco-friendly products
  • Talk about the benefits of replacing plastic with alternatives so that we don’t damage waterways and marine ecosystems
  • Encourage children to become involved in making their own lunches
  • Challenge them to be creative by making their favorite wrap style – pocket, wallet, cone, fold, lolly-wrap, or something entirely different!

Wraps for the Road

  • Excellent for camping. Reusable, washable, NO WASTE!
  • Perfect for little hands in the car. Our honey wraps are nontoxic.
  • They make perfect snack pouches – easy to open and close, and no messy wrappers.
  • Ideal for picnics – open them up and use as a plate.
  • More and more nature reserves are requesting a ‘take in, take out’ policy to minimize litter and waste. Our wraps are perfect for this.

The Beeswax, tree resin, and natural oil we use have anti-bacterial properties.  The tree resin and beeswax are also water repellent and the natural oil we use has anti-fungal properties.

Folding fun

See how many of the wrap shapes you can make. Send us a photo of what you have made and explain how you are using it. To see how we make one of our favorite containers, see below:

Boho bee’s snack cup

Wax wraps are great for covering plates of leftovers and making into pockets for school lunches. Another one of our favorite ways to use our wraps is to put little snacks into an origami snack pack. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own snack pack.

Step 1 – Fold your wrap on the diagonal.
Step 2
– Fold the top left corner down on this angle.
Step 3
– Make the same fold on the right side, making sure you align the edge with the previous fold.
Step 4
– Fold down the top flap to make the opening of the snack pack.
Step 5
– Flip it over and do the same on the other side.
Step 6
– Open it up and fill it with something yummy.

Step 7 – Close it up by sealing the second flap to the cup. If you try to do it the other way the whole thing will fall apart, so make sure you’re using the side that doesn’t have any folds as the lid!

And there you have it, origami for your food! We’ve used these for nuts, fruit, veggies, crackers, biscuits, cheese and even in a pinch as a cup for water!