Plastic has a place in this world, but it no longer has such a big place in my home – now that I’ve discovered beeswax food storage wraps. These little beauties are the very latest alternatives to plastic wrap and plastic baggies. Yes, that’s right – life can continue without baggies! I now wrap my food in the most amazing designer beeswax wraps. Think of beeswax infused fun fabrics that mold around bowls, or to any shape, simply with the warmth of your hands.

My wrapped sandwiches look like this…

best beeswax wrap

My refrigerator looks amazing – it’s fun to open the fridge and take my food out of these beautifully covered containers knowing it is being covered with products infused with antibacterial qualities.  Of course my vegetable and fruit bins are lined with easy to clean colorful beeswax wrap sheets.  My half a tomato is wrapped into a beeswax wrapper and kept fresh for another day. The food stays fresher longer with these 100% natural wraps.


My covered bowls look like this…


A National Geographic article from 2015 reported that while excavating Egypt’s famous pyramids, archaeologists found pots of honey in an ancient tomb and that honey was still perfectly edible over 3,500 years later because of the antibacterial qualities inherent in the honey!


Like the honey, Boho Bee Co’s beeswax wraps have lasting antibacterial qualities, and are extremely eco-friendly – in fact, they have a zero-waste footprint. They are washable, reusable (many times for a year or more), and recyclable.  WE NEED THESE!


I can’t wait for you to try them!  Take a look at our new patterns on  Our website has a wealth of information about  how we can help the environment and the importance of limiting our use of plastic.


Encourage your child to select a design for his or her own lunch and snack packs. Your kid can become the cool eco-leader at the lunch table with amazing lunches.  Consider these wax wraps the perfect gift for any occasion, or, wrap a bunch of flowers in them as a way of encouraging someone else to use a wrap.